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Wheels Up: Ten Years in the Making

I don’t think it’s too bold of a statement to say that every artist usually has some kind of personal reason why they title their projects. Something beyond just the obvious.¬†For me, I don’t think I realized the full scope … Continue reading

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When I was around 13-14, my mom took me to see Jazz legend Ornette Coleman.Honestly, 99% of that show was avante-garde Jazz that I simply couldn’t wrap my head or ears around. However, towards the end, he did a cover … Continue reading

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Understanding self-awareness through evolution

As promised, here is my paper on evolution, mushrooms and humanity. This paper took many forms – this one being the final one. Feel free to discuss it, share it or message me about it. To the people that may … Continue reading

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Noisemaker Fest 2012. A long time in the making….

Over the past 4 years, I have been lucky enough to tour the western United States multiple times. Sharing stages with some of my idols like Louis Logic, JFK of Grayskul & One Be Lo of Binary Star. On these … Continue reading

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The “Break The Leg” Tour W/ JFK of Grayskul & Symmetry

One of my favorite things in the world about doing this rap thing is as I progress I’ve gotten to meet some of the people that I admire most. Sometimes you get to do a show with ’em, maybe even … Continue reading

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“One of a Kind” music video preview – in pictures.

Thanks so much to everyone involved. Meg, Mike, Midnite, Jay Battle, Jeff, Carol & of course Minnie! That was a really fun shoot and proof that its all about the people you surround yourself with that makes anything worth doing. … Continue reading

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