When I was around 13-14, my mom took me to see Jazz legend Ornette Coleman.Honestly, 99% of that show was avante-garde Jazz that I simply couldn’t wrap my head or ears around. However, towards the end, he did a cover of a song by Charles Mingus called, “Moanin'”. I could have listened to that song forever.

When I got home, I “borrowed indefinitely” my moms Mingus Big Band CD which had the original version of the song. It has remained without question, my favorite song of all time. I always thought about sampling the song for my own music but something felt weird about doing it…. Until now. I took the song to my brother Isaak at @undercaste and together we crafted a hip hop song that preserves the essence of the original song that can I feel proud of and gives it something new. The song itself is short and therapeutic. 1 part homage to Mingus, 1 part call for personal growth and 1 part call to people to do better with their art.
I feel like their isn’t enough Jazz in hip hop anymore. Maybe, in some small way, this can change that.

Kublakai – “Moan” #wheelsup

Inspired by Charles Mingus’ “Moanin'”



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